The site keeps asking me to subscribe, even though I already have a subscription.


Below are the most common reasons why the site may be asking you to become a subscriber, even though you already have a subscription.

Wrong Account
If you know you have a valid subscription, you may be signed-in with a the wrong account.  Occasionally, people forget what email address they used when they originally subscribed.  They then accidentally create a new account using a different email address.  It is therefore recommended that you sign out and try signing in under a different email address.

Expired Subscription
Alternatively, your subscription may have naturally expired.  You can check the status of your subscription by going to your Account Profile page. Just select your Username at the upper right of the page, then scroll down to see your status.

Signed Out
When you sign in, your browser will automatically hold onto your credentials so that when you return to your computer or device and open your browser, you will automatically be signed in. However, if you explicitly sign out from the site or if you clear your browser's cookies, then you will not be signed in upon returning to the site and must sign in again.

No Subscription
If you simply do not have a subscription, then you can sign up for one.  Clicking any video as if to watch it should prompt you to complete your subscription.  Once you've completed the process, you may begin watching videos immediately.

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