Why isn't the video playing?


There are several possibilities why the video you are attempting to watch may not be playing.  Here is a list of some things to consider:

1.  Check for internet connectivity.  Sometimes your internet or wi-fi service may go out and you don't notice it.  Be sure it's still working.

2.  Be sure you are signed in properly.  If you have a valid subscription, sign in with the email address we have on file for your subscription.  Signing in under a different without a valid subscription will prevent you from watching the video.

3.  Make sure that your software is up-to-date.  This includes your version of Flash, your browser, and even your operating system.  Some incompatibilities may arise from out-of-date software.  Consider watching video from more than one website to help determine whether there is a problem with your system.

4.  There may be a specific problem with that particular video.  Try watching other videos on the site to ensure they are working properly too.  If they are, and this is the only video that's not, please let us know so that we can work to resolve it quickly.

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