I cannot sign in

If you're having trouble signing in (logging in) to the site, there may be a couple reasons why this might be.

Wrong email address
Perhaps you have more than one email address.  Be sure you are signing in with the email address registered on the account.  If you don't remember, try all your email addresses.  We also send our emails, such as our newsletters, receipts, alerts, etc to the email address on your account.  Be mindful if you have automatic forwarding turned on, since this method could be misleading.

Typo in your email address
Perhaps typing in your own email address isn't something you do very often.  Or sometimes, we're in a hurry.  This might lead to entering in a typo, such a switch between two letters or numbers.  Sometimes, we forget periods.  For example: "@gmailcom".  It should go without saying, but look carefully to be sure you entered everything correctly.

Email addresses are technically case-sensitive.  However, companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc, have chosen to make theirs case-insensitive.  Our site treats all email addresses as case-sensitive.  So please be sure that you are entering your email address with the same casing as recorded in our system.  Sometimes auto-correct might want to capitalize the first letter.  Be aware of this and try different casing.  We recommend you provide us an all lower-case email address if yours is case-insensitive (eg, Google, Yahoo, etc).  You can update your email address on your account from your Profile page.

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